The Real time evacuation Planning Model (RtePM, or “Route –P-M”) estimates the time required for evacuating vehicles to clear a user-defined area for a variety of evacuation scenarios.

The number and speed of evacuating vehicles are determined by user-assigned or modified variables, such as the time of day when an evacuation starts, evacuation rate, the population’s participation rate, and the number of people per vehicle, using parameters provided within the model.

Independent verification and validation testing was conducted on RtePM for a variety of scenarios by DDL Omni Engineering. Testing determined that RtePM provides sufficiently accurate estimates of vehicle evacuation times to support its use for emergency management planning under the conditions modeled.

In RtePM, the user can:

  • Save scenarios in a public or a personal folder.

  • Log in as a Guest User and create scenarios for public review and modification.

  • Register for an account and password to create a personal folder.

  • Designate public or private access rights to scenarios in the user’s personal folder.

Video tutorials are available to assist with navigation of many features within RtePM.

To get started with RtePM, select Open RtePM below.

Questions and comments are welcome and may be sent by email to rtepm@odu.edu

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